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'from Biswas family to your table'

About Us



We are family business and we prepare Namoh Curry Sauce with local and imported ingredients. The recipe is originated from my grandma and I learnt it from my mum. It was always my dream to create sauce that can represent my roots and my origin.


Namoh Curry Sauce

Our sauce is a beautiful, well-balanced flavour combination of slow cooked caramelised onion, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, mixed spices and herbs and the richness of cashew nuts gives it creaminess. It is perfect with lentils, chickpeas, paneer, chicken, turkey and also goes with seafood, especially tiger prawn. 


Why Namoh Curry Sauce ?

Namoh Curry Sauce has travelled around the world with us and has been served in several top end restaurant and hotels worldwide.We have adapted sauce with advice from experienced technicians that helped us turn an idea and creation into reality, which was getting it into a jar without loosing it’s authentic flavour. We have also made it dairy and gluten free and have successfully retained the authentic flavour, viscosity, texture and sustainability.



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